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When you’re looking to stand apart from the crowd, let Wink Optical be your guide. We are Boulder’s artisan eyewear boutique, where superior craftsmanship is our specialty and nearly every frame we sell is handmade. What you’ll find here is not mass-produced, but meticulously crafted eyewear from optical designers throughout the world, giving our guests eyeglass frames that are elegant, one-of-a-kind, and personalized to fit you and only you. Aside from our selection of contemporary eyeglasses, we’re proud to also have an extensive collection of original, never-worn eyewear from the 1930’s and later, for those who prefer a classic, vintage look.

When you step through the doors at Wink Optical, you’ll notice that we’ve created an atmosphere unlike that of any other eyeglass shop. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing people with both eye exams & eyewear that challenge the traditions of other opticians. Our personal commitment to giving our patients a distinguishably different experience can be seen in all that we do. From our shop’s design, to our rare inventory and unique character, our patients are like family and we work to help you see and look your best.

Our notable eye doctor, Dr. Liz Erley, heads a team of professionals who have devoted themselves to making Wink Optical an unequivocal leader in eye care. With our personal attention to even the smallest details, like the size of your nose bridge, to where your pupil lines up within the frames, you receive eyewear that is precise and personal. We are absolute vision geeks, and it’s clear that we find joy in the art and science of precision eye care. We use only the newest, most advanced equipment to ensure our patients receive service that’s worthy of merit.

Whether you need the most comfortable contact lenses to brave Colorado’s dry climate, or a pair of frames that speaks volumes about your unique personality, Dr. Liz Erley & the Wink Optical team are here for you.

From Doctor Liz

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